The Irresolute

"Show Orchid" lipstick M.A.C, House of Harlow ring

“Thus, the treasure secretly gathered in your heart will manifest through your creative work». Albrecht Dürer

I‘m back. I used up my part of delays. When I postponed too much, I end up not doing anything, always with good excuses:
“Tomorrow” or “Oh, it’s been so long, it can wait a little longer” and then I get nervous and I disappear. Reminds me of the canyoneering during summer camps, I told the guys:

“On the count of 3, I jump»! And then in the end, I did not, so someone always ended up pushing me. Great! It was worth it not to dare…
I am a basically undecided person. I have a tendency to wait and see for a variety of things, a real wound. My permanents questionings have always resulted in regrets, missed opportunities and loss of time. A real mess, we’ll talk about it.

So after a long absence, what better than to make a come-back by honoring an old promise … One of my resolutions for this year was to return to drawing and eventually to share it with you, well, here we are …

1… 2… 3…

This time I do the swan dive / nobody’s pushing me, I start / Splash!