Alien Sunessence is my fragrance for this summer. I’m a little sad, because it was an ephemeral collection, I’ve reached the end of the bottle and I can’t find it anywhere. As a general rule of thumb, I don’t like ‘eaux fraiches’ or light fragrances. But then for me, perfumes in warm weather become a delicate exercise. Kenzo Jungle, in spite of my adoration for it, past 15°C is more like a kamikaze attack. One I cannot endure during the two summer months when my skin is more photosensitive than ever.  So I have to draw a line under anything alcohol-based that inflicts second-degree burns on me after five minutes of exposure.

So yes, my attraction for the heavy and heady has its limits, and they generally coincide with the start of the summer.  So, since I refuse to say goodbye to my taste for the ostentatious, Alien Sunessence calls out to me like nothing else does. It carries its name very well. Its scent is warm and magnetic, and evokes nothing natural. It is a light, lemony version of the eau de parfum that I wear  sometimes  which is an oriental-amber. And for that reason, I shouldn’t like it at all (as I’ve already explained, I’m neither a citrusy or a flowery type of girl).  Except that its woody base wins me over, and I absolutely adore its a light scent, which is of the radiant and exhilarating type I love.

I’m telling you this because ultimately, the feelings that we experience, as well as the images that come to mind when we come into contact with a particular scent, represent far more than just the olfactory components separated from each other. But I guess that’s true of all perfumes. So you then, what are you wearing this summer?