Mòa The Green Balm

Since the beginings of this blog, my goal was to share with you, everything about my love for Beauty and by extension my favorite beauty products. Mòa the Green Balm is one of them. It is manufactured in England… I buy it again and again. God I love this kind of product, natural, economic, and close to people.

Mòa the Green Balm ingredients are super nice though.Yarrow is a powerful healing herb, Tea Tree a deemed natural antibacterial, and vegetable oils from coconut and sweet almond are nourishing and softening agents. With a teaspoon of balm in my tea, and a touch of honey, I smashed a nascent angina. If you are looking for a green alternative to the Elizabeth Arden 8 hours super balm, with no petroleum smell and no propylparaben, this is the balm you need.

Getting closer to Nature, is being closer to ourselves and our organic essence. There is something very British in this holistic approach to cosmetics. The Body Shop is a perfect example. Only with their name and campaigns, you see the idea: the apprehension of the human’s body and its environment as a “Whole” (even if their products are not always that wholesome. Moreover, now Bodyshop = L’oréal, and L’oreal ≠ ethics and fairness).

There is also Lush, with its openly green and “pro-veggie” policy. I am very attracted to that multidimensional “cosm-ethics” that makes people more beautiful but also healthier. A beautiful frame is good. A beautiful and functional frame on a healthy Earth is even better.

And so Mòa the Green Balm, in addition to make your skin looks beautiful, relieves aches and pains of the everyday life. The first time I used it to treat a sore throat ! Inside this amazing balm, you’ll find organic Yarrow, a medicinal plant which is very helpful for so much stuffs :

  • Natives used it to amplify «mystical connections”.
  • Achilles, a Greek hero, is said to used it to heal the wounds of his cronies during the Trojan War.
  • And my mom to make herbal teas against colds.

You see, only amazing people !

You can use it to overcome cold sores, but also to soften your cuticles, remove eye-makeup, fix split ends, treat yourself with a delicious grog … The list is not exhaustive, there’s a lot of more glamorous uses like treatment of interdigital mycoses. and that’s only a preview. Go to their website and you’ll know.


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Mòa The Green Balm
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