L’Eléphant de Kenzo

I’m a fairly excessive person ( nobody’s perfect) and even though I separate myself easily from kohl and blush , I find it almost inconceivable to leave home without fragrance . I have a special relationship with perfume, which I use like a visiting card. And of all the fragrances I’ve tried, Kenzo Jungle is by far my favorite. Its spicy scent that combines cumin, cardamom, vanilla and patchouli is absolutely captivating, intoxicating, to make your head spin. It’s a perfume with character that does not please everyone and that’s also why I love it . I am strongly influenced by defense mechanisms related to personality. When I try a new perfume, I want it to match perfectly my self-perception.

What always brings me back to the same categories of fragrance, oriental, woody, sweet and warm. I love heavy, intoxicating, heady smells.When it comes to scents, I’m a tart, I do not care to disturb. I’m not looking for the subtle, but for mystery with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ . With my puzzling temperament, my strong character and my sometimes rocky voice rock, don’t ask me to smell Myosotis and Neroli. As such, I could never wear a perfume with a citrus or floral print, even if it has the most exquisite smell in the world. Even though it would be a purely subjective mental construct, I hate to cloud the issue. In my opinion, fragrances definitely send messages about who wear them. Take the example of a black roses bouquet, stung by a single red rose in the middle, well when I anoint myself, that’s what I am looking for.