How to give your hair the blackest bluish color with Indigo powder ?

For an indigo hair color also known as black henna, it’s pretty simple:
You must boil water in the indicated proportions , poor it on the indigo powder (oh, a strong spinach smell !),mix until obtaining a smooth consistency, leave the mixture for half an hour,then apply it strand by strand, starting with the roots . Once the bathroom is very shitty, you must leave it on all night instead of the recommended three hours because the girls on the internet, they say it’ better.

Upon rinsing, happiness! ULTRA shiny hair, smooth and silky, a deep black colour on the lengths with gorgeous reflections … but almost red tips for me! So I later applied from mid-length to tips, a blue-black henna from Sanotint with extracts of millet that makes hair soft. I took the opportunity to cut and it was done. Henna is available in different shades of (the blond, the brown, and even neutral). It strengthens hair, stimulates their growth (thank you polyphenols), care and coloring, it’s 2 in 1….

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