Green Smoothie : The Super Energizer

The anti-fatigue ultimate smoothie. I love smoothies. They allow us in no time to enjoy the enzymes and vitamins in their most complete form. No cooking, no alteration ! This is ideal for tired bodies or before a sports training. With its slow  energy release thanks to banana and almonds , it is an ally of choice. Or simply enjoy it as an offering to your body, to start the day off right. Concentrated with benefits, tasty and highly refreshing.

Ingredients (organic)

– 1 banana /  for a gradual release of energy

– 1 small glass of apple juice / potassium and antioxidants

– 1 handful of goji berries / ultimate “superfood” with proteins trace elements galore, vitamins …

– 1 dozen almonds complete / essential fatty acids and proteins

– 1 handful fresh spinach / vitamins (A, B9), minerals and anti-oxidants, helps to restore the acid-base balance

– 1 celery stalk  / powerful stimulant, alkalizing ( like spinach)

– 1 small piece of ginger / power boost guaranteed


Put everything in a blender and voila!