Go Green

Yeaaah, it’s spring for real, the season of renewal. I firmly believe that as organic beings, we follow the same cycles that nature, dormancy then renewal. Isn’t it a beautiful idea? But we need to help ourselves a little. So I had natural henna in my hair that had become so dull. Every winter, I tend to forget me a little.

I also began a birch juice cure. I do not know if you know, but it’s fantastic at each change of season to stimulate the elimination functions and detoxify the organism. I begin my second bottle this week and I already have a less blurred and much brighter complexion. I also take capsules of spirulina and dring Kusmi Algotea. As I stopped eating meat I should be careful not to lack iron and keep pretty hair

Kusmi’s Algotea is used in Spas for its draining action. Although very sweet, the taste is a bit unusual, mint, algae, but mainly algae. You need to like it but it’s very refreshing and very remineralizing like all the stuff with algae inside. As for Spirulina, it is a small algae part of the crew of the”superfoods”. It is a source of antioxidants, iron, fatty acids and proteins, and in large quantities. Besides it absorbs junk = DETOX!

So beyond the major interest for health, from a cosmetic point of view(skin, nails and hair), I can tell you it’s a treasure!

Spring and leaves even on the skin, I wear a silk Nocollection top,a Manoush skirt and on my eyelids the M.A.C “EyeKhol”. The colour’s name ? Minted. Fresh !