Azis – Tolerance

I discovered Azis thanks to the intolerance of the Internet. There was that video that circulated, everyone was laughing, others was vomiting, so I clicked. I laughed a lot and then I changed …

After a first viewing mouth open and eyes bulging, and even if I my heart beats for Soul and bleeding voices, I loved it !

Azis is a Bulgarian singer. It is a Superstar in his country. He sings with a soft voice, dressed as a chick (a chick who would not have chosen the elegance) with a mouth full of gloss. Sometimes he dressed-up like Rihanna and launches fiery glances with his false eyelashes.

So, yes he waddles with small pouches of silicone on his chest, heels of 15 … and a goatee! Because, yes, there, is the sinews of war, on his chin. We have not even finished with the trans / travestiphobia and he comes with its strangeness. With a flick of buttock, he sweeps the stammering acceptance. He needs us to have a flexible tolerance. But we, need easy to read, easily decipherable codes. In the popular imagination, a guy who dressed as a woman is a transvestite. But if he wears a mustache, actually what is he looking for ?

Well yeah, Azis dodges labels. He decided to redefine his own meaning of gender. We are still there with our need to categorize everything. And so, a bunch of rednecks on Youtube says he should die.

In the videoclip, a guy is dancing for dear life. At the crossroads of the Dancehall Queen, the Mutuashi dancer * or Shakira , he gives everything. Some, they get angry and insult him. Maybe because its swayings make them stir a bit more than necessary …

Despite promises of openness and modernity, the Internet never ceases to catalyze the wanderings of our society, making them more vivid, available at all times. Too often, it subtracts, divides, categorizes instead of gathering. I realise that, every day a little more bitter. It selective indignation, leaving only to Black people the task to revolt for this racist “Elle” post (that has been modified at this point) even though other less subversive posts reaped the general disapproval (and it was right). I do not want to live in this kind of World.

I definitely think that to carry out our differences , force others to accept us as we are. They don’t have the choice. Or maybe, it’s the Bulgarians, but am not sure. It must require a great deal of courage to decide not to lie and say NO to conformity. Others laugh, I do not care. I want to take my own way, to be like him: FREE.