About Blush

To me, blush in its primary function is to accentuate something possible. Whether it’s to simulate a healthy glow, rosy cheeks or the exaltation, blush is some kind of happiness in a box.

I’ve never had rosy cheeks. Not after a good sleep night nor after a race behind a bus, not even when I’m intimidated. Due to my complexion, my healthy glow manifests itself more broadly. I’m having a narrower pore, a fresher eye, but fire on my cheeks? Never!

I relegated to the closet reds, magentas, the iridescent shiny stuffs. I keep them for special occasions. It does not correspond to a possible reality for me. It does not emphasize anything; it invents any part of it. In itself, it might not be a problem, but to me, blush is not really about that. And I feel that even by blending the color to the maximum, there’s still something dissonant which clashes with the rest.

On the picture, my favorite blushes, because they all correspond to a sample of something naturally occurring on my skin. Purple in affinity with the shadows on my face, ocher to keep me warm and orange to brighten the gloomy mornings.

From left to right:

Blush n ° 131 –  Mufe Professional

Eyeshadow – “Red Brick” Matte – M.A.C

Blush No. 26, “Sienna” mat – mufe PROFESSIONAL

Complexion Enhancer # 4 – Black Up