A white stroke

Occasionally, I put white pencil on my eyelids. (Howls of disapproval, stones.)


I’ve never seen anyone do that, I even think it’s forbidden but I like it. With my well sharpened white pencil (which I normally use as an illuminator) , I draw a line at the outer corner of the eye. Starting from the point of the first stroke, I draw a straight line and I filled it along the lashes. It’s like the usual khol except that it’s white! With my black hair (that of the girl who cheated) and the contrast on my skin, I think it’s very graphic ! It gives strength to the gaze, while it illuminating. I have no other arguments, but anyway make-up is for playing (it was my wild card).

Does any of you has ever derogated from the unwritten rules of the “Beauty-Code”?


Is it wrong?




PS: I put a single photo, but you can see the rest here.


PS2: If you look closer, the kohl pencil leaves traces. If you have in mind something more vibrant and less filthy, a white eyeliner for exemple,tell me (if it does exist)!