My very first bracelet. A relic preserved for nearly three decades by my parents. So cute !

I grew up again , it’s my birthday. I’ve been tagged by my friend D. so I am going to tell you 15 things about myself :


1. I feel a kind of discomfort seeing caged animals.

2. However, I have a terrible fear of pigeons. Facing them, I no longer have any dignity.

3. I can do the whistle voice like Minnie Ripperton and Mariah Carey.  Hello dolphins!

4. I can not throw food.

5. I ran away from the nanny’s home on my pink bike to join my father during his lunch break. I was 6.

6. I always adds spice to my dishes.

7. I hate the mess, it paralyzes me. But I’m messy, sometimes.

8. I cry easily and I think it’s good in a certain way.

9. I hate my cell phone. It  is ALWAYS on the silent mode. My family curses me for that.

10. Whenever it’s possible, I never touch the bar in the subway. And I always have my hand sanitizer in my bag.

11. In relation with my 10, when I’m outside, I open the toilet doors … with my foot!

12. I cannot swim. Finally though, but not more than 1 minute and 30 only in a straight line!

13. I spent a part of my life in Martinique.

14. I love long nails. So I bite them.

15. My little brother and I have learned to read with my Dad … in comics!